Seven Doors

Matteo Basilè, Angelo Cricchi, Susanna Ferrante,Laurent Segretier, Mote Sinabel Aoki, Nicol Vizioli, Fernanda Veròn curated by Angelo Cricchi | organised by Ludovica Palmieri

The Seven Doors exposition, promoted by the Lumen et Umbra brand, curated by Angelo Cricchi, wishes to propose a vision of the world that is free and open to the conciliation of opposites, both necessary to human being's harmony.

Seven photographers, Matteo Basilè, Angelo Cricchi, Susanna Ferrante, Laurent Segretier, Mote Sinabel Aoki, Nicol Vizioli, Fernanda Veròn, confront on the same subject, to offer just as many heterogeneous visions. Different for origin, age and style, the protagonists of the exposition offer a gathering of cultures, in which the western tradition meets the oriental one.

The portrait of Issei Fujita, young Japanese stylist who arrived in Rome in 1999, becomes an opportunity to open oneself to the creativity of a representation of a man in relation with himself and nature.

This way, completely different weltanschauungen emerge, highlighting aspects and qualities that, together, compose the essence of the young Japanese stylist. The fil rouge connecting all the oeuvres of the exposition is an intimate atmosphere, aimed to understand that internal image going  beyond external appearance.Set in the evocative context of Palazzo Della Regia Dogana, the project dedicates a room to each artist. Every door opens, then, to a different universe of sense, as every artist invited to participate was able to transform the given space in a three-dimensional setting of their own photographs, creating an environment and an installation designed to amplify the sense of the images. Going from strongly pictorial photographs with antique and ethnological suggestions, as those by Fernanda Veròn and Mote Sinabel Aoki, to other ones characterized by strong, contrasting and vibrant colors, like the works by Matteo Basilé and Angelo Cricchi, to intimate and introspective photography, as in Susanna Ferrante and Nicol Vizoli, passing by an analytic inquiry of the subject, signature of Laurent Segretier works.

In the sphere of this vision, nothing is created and nothing is destroyed but everything represents part of a “whole” which, even assuming ever new forms, is born from a preexisting baggage, which is never nullified but always transformed and that every culture knows under the name of “tradition”. Photography, understood as a medium able to offer an original and heterogeneous representation of reality, fully reflects Lumen et Umbra's spirit which, with this exposition, offers an active interaction between contemporary art and fashion design.


Susanna Ferrante




Nicol Vizioli



Fernanda Veròn


 Matteo Basilè




Mote Sinabel Aoki




Laurent Segretier


Angelo Cricchi