The "Orbace"

The fabrics of the shepherds

The "Orbace" is the most ancient Sardinian fabrics: made entirely from sardinian wool, very thinly knitted and used both for "warp" and "weave" in clothing.

The "Orbace" is the cloth used to make the sheepherds'  mantles, patiently woven by the women on the ancient looms and further worked to apply a thick layer of felt to completely water proof the garment.

The dye from the sardinian hinterland is strongly connected and typified by fire:in the old times it was made out of a slow process of boiling, a process that allowed to obtain deep and mysterious colors.

Veronica begun using this technique to then developing some others: to fix the colors she uses salt, vinegar and ash.There are about 30 plants in Sardinia from which she gets 90 different shades of color.Recently she begun experimenting extracting color from some types of mushrooms and clay.The green you can see in our catalogue of colors comes from the "Alaterno",a special evergreen shrub that grows naturally on the sardinian highlands:it can be extracted all year-long, thus allowing to obtain always different color tonalities.The color that is born out of plants is the subject of a infinite variability that rarely allows to obtain the same nuance,making unique and unrepeatable every single thread.