Special ‘su misura’ (Made to measure) project. Each peace is the only one of its kind due to tailoring and unique lining. 

The Japanese company “Chugai Kunishima 1850” reproduced the super fine wool fabric from its archives from the 50s and that was exactly what we used in the production of our suits. This fabric turns out to be special thanks to some features: the fact that it consists of a large number of threads, compared to conventional wool; it’s supple and has a high tension.  Our suits features a deep color and texture after thorough research of Japanese navy blue. As the result it transmits beautifully the curve of a person and makes the silhouette look magnificent.

At the same time also for the lining we used a special technique: the combination of old Japanese kimono patches which we used for the pockets, ottoman silk fabric for the body line and smooth lightweight viscose fabric with black and white stripes for the arms lining.